FIFA International Soccer - Championship Edition - Paragon Publishing Demo


Free with issue 43 of Sega Pro CD


The magazine cover scan above is from the Sega Pro CD back issues offer scanned in by Tiago Santana

Despite presenting you with a full options screen, this demo is limited to a 60 seconds each way exhibition match between Brazil and Italy.  You can fiddle about with the tournament and league setup, but as soon as you start it you're unceremoniously dumped back to the main menu.  Whenever there is a break in play, instead of the score appearing at the bottom of the screen a bar listing some of the new and wonderful features of the full game pops up instead.

Another demo CD was released as Mega Power demo #6.  It is not known whether or not the contents are identical.
The magazine cover above is taken from the back issues offer from a later issue of Sega Pro CD - can anyone provide an image from the full issue?
A note about Sega Pro CD  issue numbers - originally Sega Pro CD was published separately from Sega Pro, staring in October 1994 with issue 1.  At the start of 1995 Paragon began using the issue number sequence from the original Sega Pro on both - hence the big jump.  Versions with and without the cover CD were available (with a price difference) and those who bought the wrong one could send away 3.95 to get the demo posted to them.