The Adventures of Batman & Robin


"Have you ever dreamt of driving the Batmobile around downtown Gotham  City and flying the Batplane through the night skies - well, here's your chance.  Can Batman and Robin take an the deadly beauty of Poison Ivy or will The Joker have the last laugh?  Their future and the fate of Gotham City is in your hands!!"

Game Information
Developer Sega Enterprises
Publisher Sega Enterprises
Copyright Date 1995
Players 1
Age Rating(s) ELPSA 3+
Save Type None
Cart Version No (Same name, different game)

Part Numbers
Game 4432-50
Front Cover 670-6567-50
Back Cover 670-6568-50
Manual 672-2431-50
Spine Card 670-6566-50
CD 1 670-6565-50
Bar Code 4 974365 644321


All these images and the micro-review of The Adventures of Batman and Robin were kindly supplied by Damian Maidment
An update of Batman Returns minus crappy platform bits but some excellent cartoon animation between levels.  One of the few 'very good' Mega-CD games and extremely rare.

Those hunting for perhaps the rarest official Mega-CD game should look in Spain - pretty much every copy held by collectors has come from there.