(Shadow of the) Beast II


"The first part of this best-selling saga told of your titanic struggle for revenge against the Beast and his evil forces.  Many years have now passed and the harrowing memory is fading in your mind.  Yet the Beast has not rested.  And now he has found the object of his desires.  Your sister lies alone and vulnerable in her stone cottage.  A dark shadow passes across the moon.  A slash of talons.  A splash of blood.  Your sister's gone.  And the Beast is back...  Can she ever be saved?  And will you ever break out from the shadow of the Beast?  Enhanced Mega-CD features include full digitised speech and music soundtrack, atmospheric movie sequences and improved playability."

Game Information
Amiga Original Reflections
Developer Digital Developments (conversion)
Publisher Psygnosis
Distributor Sony Electronic Publishing
Copyright Date 1992, 1994
Players 1
Age Rating(s) ELSPA 11+
Save Type None
Cart Version Yes

Part Numbers
Game T-113045-50
Front Cover None specific
Back Cover None specific
Manual None specific
Spine Card None specific
CD 1 None specific
Bar Code 0 53203 01138 0

The sequel to Shadow of the Beast (which was cartridge only) picks up some time after the end of the original.  The manual is mainly filled with back story, and leaves you enthusiastic and ready to take on the forces of darkness.  Then you start playing.  Beast II has the potential to be a very good platform/adventure crossover game, but the difficulty level is set far too high and the controls just unresponsive enough to leave you firing in the wrong direction.  Digitised speech, CD audio and a few animated cut-scenes add some enhancement over the cartridge version.
A demo CD containing an unknown portion of the full game was also released.