Brutal - Paws of Fury


"Across the world, invitations were delivered.  Under the watchful eye of the great master Dali Llama, the world's greatest martial artists would return to a place they knew well... Brutal Island.  Each will use their own unique mental and physical martial arts style and training in a tournament to prove the world's one true champion."

"Features - Action replay; loads of special moves; a unique learning system; extra moves available to higher belts; a mind bomb'in soundtrack; full-motion cinematic animation"

Game Information
Developer Gametek
Publisher Gametek
Copyright Date 1994
Players 1 - 2
Age Rating(s) ELPSA 3+
Save Type Password
Cart Version Yes

Part Numbers
Game T-83015-50
Front Cover None specific
Back Cover None specific
Manual None specific
Spine Card None specific
CD 1 None specific
Bar Code 5 026555 130011


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A one-on-one fighter featuring animal characters.  Players start with a limited selection of punches and kicks and learn special moves as they progress both through the game and to higher difficulty levels (referred to as belts), with progress saved to the Mega-CD's memory.  The gameplay is slower than that of Street Fighter II or Mortal Kombat, relying more on timing than button bashing, and this can be difficult to adapt to at first.  The CD has a high quality cartoon-style intro and "Fun Room" of outtakes and extras that aren't found in the cart version.

In Germany this game was released as "Paws of Fury".