Bug Blasters - The Exterminators


"Los Angeles - a quiet little town until... THEY CAME!  Now a terrified city crawling with crime!"

"A band of warrior insects calling themselves "The League of Insects" under the control of General Grub and El Roacho have captured city hall and are holding Los Angeles hostage!  You are the rookie member of the elite fighting force, The Bug Blasters.  Accompanied by a team of experts, including Team Captain McVay, a veteran of the New York City Roach Wars of '79, you must vanquish the insect threat throughout the city and the long overlooked underground tunnels in which they have been swarming.  Prevent these pests from further capturing and cocooning humans.  You are an exterminator.  Destroy their hive, and get out before it's too late!"

Game Information
Developer Not given
Publisher Good Deal Games
Distributor Good Deal Games
Copyright Date 1994
Players 1
Age Rating(s) None given
Cart Version No

Part Numbers
Game N/A
Front Cover N/A
Back Cover N/A
Manual N/A
Spine Card N/A
CD 1 N/A

All these images and the micro-review of Bug Blasters - The Exterminators were kindly supplied by Damian Maidment
Simple target on screen and press fire game - a 'Ghostbusters' rip off.  Poor collision detection, repetitive gameplay, easy to see why it was scrapped the first time.
Canned by Sony for reasons that seem obvious to those that have played the game.  Good Deal Games picked up the rights to this and Star Strike and released them, but were unable to remove Sony's name from the title screen.  The original developer is not credited in the note that explains why Sony and Sega's names are all over the game.  US-format NTSC copies can still be bought from the GDG website, but they inform me that there are only five copies of each title in PAL format in circulation, with no plans to make any more.  This makes these titles abysmal yet priceless.