"The year is 10,191.  The universe is not our own but that of an action adventure based on Frank Herbert's classic, award-winning series of Dune science-fiction novels.  This CD adaptation features interactive conversations with over 30 minutes of sampled dialogue and over 30 minutes of footage digitised from the David Lynch film."

Game Information
Developer Cryo Interactive Entertainment
Publisher Virgin Interactive Entertainment
Copyright Date 1993
Players 1
Age Rating(s) None given
Save Type RAM
Cart Version No

Part Numbers
Game T-70035-50
Front Cover None specific
Back Cover None specific
Manual None specific
Spine Card None specific
CD 1 None specific
Bar Code 5 013715 012089


The spine card image for Dune was kindly supplied by Sharp
Don't you hate it when the back of the box gives you no idea what sort of game lies within?  The truth is that Dune is something of a mixture.  The opening is probably best described as part RPG and part resource management.  As Paul Atreides you must travel the planet, finding Fremen who will work for you as spice miners or armed fighters, distributing equipment and keeping everyone happy and productive.  The later part of the game becomes a strategic battle against your enemies the Harkonnen for control of the planet.  It isn't essential to have read the novel before playing, but it will explain a few things and allow you to skip a good section of dialogue.  Graphics aren't spectacular, but then don't have to be for a game of this type, whilst the speech is clear and well acted, and the background music atmospheric without being intrusive.  If you don't need rapid arcade action this underrated title is one of the best games for the Mega-CD.