Ecco the Dolphin (Early Edition)


"Help Ecco the dolphin navigate through a magical marine ecosystem, and find his long-lost friends"

Game Information
Developer Novotrade
Publisher Sega Enterprises
Copyright Date 1993
Players 1
Age Rating(s) None given
Save Type Password
Cart Version Yes

Part Numbers
Game 4408
Front Cover 670-4099-50
Back Cover 670-4101-50
Manual 672-1497-50
Spine Card 670-4100-50
CD 1 670-4098-50
Bar Code 4 974365 644086


How do you describe a game like this, except for as unique.  Guide Ecco around the seas solving puzzles and avoiding or stunning enemies to rescue his lost friends.  Ecco can communicate with some of the sea creatures and large crystal-like glyphs to help him on his way.  The animation is excellent, the CD-audio music fantastic and the slow (but never dull) pace makes the game relaxing to play.
This game was also released in packaging with the later style covers, and then followed by the sequel Ecco - The Tides of Time.  Although the box, manual and CD art differs, the game is identical.