Eye of the Beholder


"Put your best warrior up front and enter the treacherous sewers beneath Deepwater.  Only your leadership skills can guide your team safely through the hordes of axe-wielding skeletons in this quest to face The Beholder himself!"

Game Information
Amiga Original TSR & Strategic Simulations Inc.
Developer Pony Canyon Inc. (conversion)
Publisher Sega Enterprises
Copyright Date 1990, 1994
Players 1
Age Rating(s) ELSPA 3+
Save Type RAM
Cart Version No

Part Numbers
Game 4655-50
Front Cover 670-5955-50
Back Cover 670-5957-50
Manual 672-2196-50
Spine Card 670-5956-50
CD 1 670-5954-50
Bar Code 4 974365 646554

The composite image of the spine card from a sealed copy was kindly supplied by Simon Kingsbury
Often mis-listed as "Advanced Dungeons & Dragons - Eye of the Beholder", the correct title should be "Eye of the Beholder - Official Advanced Dungeons & Dragons CD Game".

This game supports the Sega mouse.  Although the manual shows the oval, three button US version, the centre button (which corresponds to "B") isn't used by the game, making it playable with the more rectangular two button Japanese and European mice.