Kids on Site

"Your kid's in charge at the controls of real monster machines in a real construction site and working with real people, not cartoon characters.  Kids on Site delivers 100% real video with instant interactive response.  They'll be digging in the dirt, swinging that wrecking ball and making new friends and most of all, having fun!"
Game Information
Developer Digital Pictures
Publisher Digital Pictures
Distributor Acclaim Distribution Inc.
Copyright Date 1994
Players 1
Age Rating(s) ELSPA 3+
Save Type None
Cart Version No

Part Numbers
Game T-162015-50
Front Cover None specific
Back Cover None specific
Manual None specific
Spine Card None specific
CD 1 None specific
Bar Code 7 82346 03612 6

The spine card image for Kids on Site was kindly supplied by Damian Maidment - his is in better condition than mine!
Released under the "Digital Kids" tag, at least it admits it's one for kids.  The back of the box and half the manual are aimed at Mum & Dad, with the rest clearly devoted to very young children.  The player chooses between a JCB-style digger, dump truck, roller and demolition ball and is presented with controls of left, right and action.  There is a task to accomplish with each machine, and once all four are done a final "grand finale" of a demolition explosion is available.  There is a surprising amount of humour in the game, although it might not be a good idea to encourage children to run over the foreman with a road roller!  The FMV introduction to each machine and in-game footage is of the usual DP quality, and sound is excellent although the spot effects are more akin to a Fisher Price toy.  Strictly one for the curious and the collectors, but also absolutely unique.
This game also came with a temporary tattoo of the DP logo about 5cm x 5cm in size.