Prize Fighter (Australian Varient)


"The first boxing game featuring live action video directed by Ron Stein, responsible for the fight scenes in the "Rocky" series and "Raging Bull".  This time it's YOU in the ring.  Good luck!

Game Information
Developer Digital Pictures
Publisher Sega Enterprises
Copyright Date 1993
Players 1
Age Rating(s) M 15+
Save Type RAM
Cart Version No

Part Numbers
Game 4206
Front Cover 670-4877-50
Back Cover 670-4879-50
Manual 672-1816-50
Spine Card ???
CD 1 670-4876-03
CD 2 670-5011-03
Bar Code 4 974365 642068




This is the Australian Release version of Prize Fighter, the only main difference is that there is no BBFC logo on the CDs, instead there's an Australian M 15+ sticker on the front with "Low Level Realistic Violence" printed on it.

Thanks to Rob Shepherd for the scans and infomation on this varient.