"Nerd ain't the word.  It's one thing losing your way in the back yard of your own star system, it's entirely another losing a whole spacecraft on an alien planet.  But that's just what Puggsy's done.  Big mistake!  So now Puggsy's in it up to his neck.  And that's serious when you haven't got one!  What follows is a desperately hilarious and daring adventure across Skull Island with the most unlikely hero yet to grace your Sega CD screen.  Puggsy, galactic hero, star system cruiser and all-round interstellar hunk will Blitz your Braincells, Energise your Eyeballs and Storm your Sega from dawn 'till dusk."
Game Information
Developer Psygnosis
Publisher Psygnosis
Distributor Psygnosis
Copyright Date 1993
Players 1
Age Rating(s) None Given
Save Type Password
Cart Version Yes

Part Numbers
Game T-113035-50
Front Cover N/A
Back Cover None specific
Manual None specific
Spine Card N/A
CD 1 None specific
Bar Code 0 53203 00998 1



Help the eponymous hero return to his home planet by exploring the island and finding his ship.  The game is mostly comprised of puzzle levels where interaction with various objects whilst avoiding enemies is key to opening the exit.  These objects such as barrels and coins show physics which are now common but were novel at the time - when dropped items will roll down hills and disturb any others they run into, with the pace varying according to how quickly Puggsy is moving at the time and the weight of the object.  The puzzle sections are separated by "guardians" - platform style bosses - which separate the island into areas and must be defeated in to progress.  A few cartoon-style film segments and CD music, along with the obligatory extended introduction are enhancements over the cartridge version.  This game comes in the US-style big box.