"Sixty-four light years between the Silpheed and the terrorist stronghold on Earth.  Are you going to just sit there?"
Game Information
Developer Game Arts
Publisher Sega Enterprises
Copyright Date 1993
Players 1
Age Rating(s) None given
Save Type None
Cart Version No

Part Numbers
Game 4423
Front Cover 670-4257-50
Back Cover 670-4259-50
Manual 672-1557-50
Spine Card 670-4258-50
CD 1 670-4256-50
Bar Code 4 974365 644239


A space shooter with VR-style graphics making use of the Mega-CD's sprite rotation and scaling power.  Though the screens may look 3D, it is in truth a limited vertically scrolling shooter with nothing much to offer over the 19xx generation.  A choice of weapons after the first stage and changing backdrops add some variety, but unless you're a fan of this type of twitch gaming, the whole thing becomes difficult and tiresome very quickly.