The Smurfs


"Gargamel has just perfected a terrible plot to kidnap ALL the Smurfs.  Four of them have disappeared already.  You will have to brave the Angry Smurfs and Buzz flies before smurfing the mountain riding on a sledge, travel on the back of a stork and finally challenge the infamous Gargamel!"

Game Information
Developer Infogrames
Publisher Infogrames
Copyright Date 1995
Players 1
Age Rating(s) None given
Save Type Password
Cart Version Yes

Part Numbers
Game T-151015-50
Front Cover SCHTRM02542
Back Cover SCHTRM62541
Manual SCHTRM62521
Spine Card SCHTRM02543
CD 1 SCHTRM62511
Bar Code 3 329720 007227

The spine card image for The Smurfs was kindly supplied by Richard Spiers
This title opens with a lengthy (but thankfully skippable) cartoon intro that belies the quality of the whole game.  Though it runs smoothly enough some colours suffer from horrendous stippling effects that are forgivable in FMV but not in cartoon animation, especially if you've seen the wonderful opening to Chuck Rock II.  Throughout the intro mouths open and close but nothing is audible except the twee background music and this problem persists in the game proper.  As the volume level can't be adjusted I turned off the music and found that the reason I couldn't hear any noises was because there are very, very few and those that are present are so quiet as to be almost nonexistent.  Graphically things do pick up a little once you get going, with chunky, fluid sprites, although the backgrounds are sometimes bland and uninspired.  Sadly the whole thing suffers from crap platform licence syndrome, with leaps of faith and things falling on you from off screen making the game frustrating and tiresome.  It is often difficult to tell which things should be avoided - in the opening level you can pass harmlessly through most of the other Smurfs, but some will cause you damage if they touch you.  On one occasion a Smurf is using a snail as a plough, and you can walk through everything except the small clods of earth being thrown out behind them, which just appear to be a nice touch to the animation until they kill you.  This title stands out on rarity alone, being as hard to find as the other later releases and as such valuable to collectors trying for a full set.  If you just want a platform game, grab Sonic CD and Wonder Dog for the same money and much more fun.