Theme Park


"Welcome to the roller-coaster world of Theme Park management on the Mega-CD.  Build the fastest rides, the spookiest haunted house, the tastiest food halls and keep your customers happy.  There are rides to maintain, workmen to pay and deals to be done.  With FMV sequences and CD soundtrack big business is more fun than ever!"

Game Information
Developer Bullfrog
Publisher Domark
Distributor Acclaim Entertainment
Copyright Date 1994, 1995
Players 1
Age Rating(s) ELSPA 3+
Save Type Password
Cart Version Yes

Part Numbers
Game T-88055-50
Front Cover None specific
Back Cover None specific
Manual None specific
Spine Card None specific
CD 1 None specific
Bar Code 3 455192 256334

The spine card image for Theme Park was kindly supplied by Tiago Santana

All the other images of Theme Park were kindly supplied by Damian Maidment

A rare port of the Bullfrog classic with some minor enhancements over the cartridge version.