Time Gal


"Take a thrilling journey through millions of years of history and far into the future as Raika - Time Gal - tries to stop a criminal mastermind's deadly scheme!"

Game Information
Developer Wolf Team / Telnet Japan
Publisher Sega Enterprises
Copyright Date 1993
Players 1
Age Rating(s) None given
Save Type Password
Cart Version No

Part Numbers
Game 4417
Front Cover 670-3410-50
Back Cover 670-3412-50
Manual 672-1340-50
Spine Card 670-3411-50
CD 1 670-3409-50
Bar Code 4 974365 644178


The spine card image for Time Gal was kindly supplied by Matthew Maddox
Time Gal was released for the Mega-CD before Dragon's Lair, and actually looks a little better than the master of the genre, although the video isn't full screen.  Guide the heroine on her adventures back and forwards through time, hitting the right direction at the right moment to avoid one of the many death animations on offer.  You can set the game to "easy" and the orbs around the screen will light up to let you know what to press and when, and whilst this does make the game much more straightforward it does leave you watching the outside edges and not the video itself,  though a password system allows you to watch the animation from cleared periods at your leisure.  The real sticking point comes once every few levels when you are presented with 10 seconds to take one of three decisions with no hints given - and two of them will kill you.  This can be enormously frustrating as the correct action isn't always obvious and failure can wipe out two of your lives through no fault of your own.  The in-game audio is as good as you'd expect from an FMV title, loading is almost seamless, and you do get a breather as each level only starts when you want it to.  The time-travelling storyline provides plenty of variety from Roman gladiators, through WW2 fighter planes and well into the distant future - though the prehistoric monster idea is done once too often.  Like any game of this type you can learn the path through by trial and error and once you've seen the end you're unlikely to come back.  Until you reach the end, there's plenty of fun to be had.