"Flux is an ingenious cartridge that turns your Sega Mega-CD into an audio-visual party machine.  Using any music CD, Flux creates startling graphics that pulse, cycle and animate in time to the music.  Flux works well with all kinds of music, from pop to techno, jazz to rock.  The ultimate audio visual experience - Full On Trance TV."

"Watch out for Flux Trax on audio only, the classic techno tunes compilation from EXP: more power to your Mega-CD!"



Game Information
Developer EXP
Publisher Virgin Interactive Entertainment
Copyright Date 1995
Players N/A
Age Rating(s) None
Save Type None
Part Numbers
Game T-70416-50
Inlay 670-6953-50
Manual 672-2573-50
Cartridge 670-6952-50
Bar Code 5 029668 000004
Cart Style Standard
Think of the little window that makes pretty patterns in your favourite media player (iTunes, WIndows Media Player etc) and you'll know what the Flux cartridge does.  Low sales mean that this item is quite hard to track down, but those that are found are normally in very good condition.

There are no screenshots for this item as although the Flux cart has been dumped, no emulator will run both this and the Mega-CD BIOS simultaneously.