Games MIA

These titles are online thanks to various donors but still missing from my personal collection. Best prices paid for good to excellent condition examples of:


Battlecorps - Paragon Publishing marked demo

Beast II Demo CD

Bug Blasters

Jurassic Park - French & Spanish versions

Microcosm - French manual version (small box)

Microcosm Trade Only Demo CD

Paws of Fury

Star Strike

Tomcat Alley - French version


I am always interested in buying spine cards, cut-out demo CD covers from Mega Power and any other Mega-CD related odds and ends - e-mail me if you have any items you think might find a good home here!

Please also let me know if you can fill in the gaps with any missing spine cards, manuals, issue numbers for magazine demo discs or any other trivia or inaccuracies on the site.


Rumour Mill

Found on obscure websites, internet fora and old magazines - titles which just might be out there.  But probably aren't.

Cannon Fodder

The abominable snowman of Mega-CD games - many people claim to have seen it but no-one can provide proof.  I'm 99% sure it never made it to release.  Grab the excellent cart version instead.


Digital Pictures Demo Disc

Believed to show rolling footage from one or more of the Digital Pictures games, if this disc does exist it was probably a trade-only item.  This rumour may refer to the rolling footage section on the Slam City demo CD.


World Cup USA '94 - Demo

Confirmed! According to the feedback page of a Mega Power issue, World Cup USA '94 was meant to be the demo featured on Issue 13, but US Gold pulled out of making a demo at the last minute. In luck, EA offered and provided a demo of FIFA CE for that issue.


Bill Walsh College Football European Variant

French Sega Website lists two different versions of Bill Walsh College Football, a UK version and a European version. According to the site, the UK version (T-50025-05) has a manual and covers in English only, meaning that this European version (T-50025-50) is multilingual. The image to the European version is too small and similar to the UK version that I cannot make an exact confirmation of the varient's existance. If anyone has a copy of the game which has printed T-50025-50, scan or take a good picture of the game so I can add it to the site as an official game varient.