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From the mid-80s to when it was finished in the console market, Sega had a Portuguese division that worked with games distributor "Ecofilmes" to bring games to Portugal. They added two things that the other continental releases didn't have, one is a Yellow "Garantia Sega Portugal" Sticker, which was apparently added because "Sega always bragged about having a special warranty in Portugal", however, Ecofilmes opened each copy of the game, as original purchusers have said that the games were never sealed or had a spine card.

First generation Sega Mega CD titles have a colour glossy manual included, which is fully written in Portuguese. Later generation and some first generation titles had a non-glossy blue and white manual.

Another interesting fact is that there seems to be a common manufacturing defect on the discs. It is found on the inner silver layer. However original purchusers and collectors do not believe this, saying that most second hand games come in very bad condition, and some shops use cheap disk buffers on handed in games.

If anyone owns or finds a photo or scan of a Portuguese game, please get in touch so we can have it in the website.
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