Games that relied heavily on FMV and speech were sometimes translated into other European languages, as well as having their packaging changed.  All known translations are shown below - clicking on the image will take you to that game's entry.



This FMV-based action game was translated into French

English language version 4438-50


French language version 4438-09

Jurassic Park
Unexpected winner of the "Most Releases of One Game Award", Jurassic park comes in four langauages as well as the Australian variation.

English language version 4411


French language version 4411-09


German language version 4411-18


Spanish language version 4411-06

Night Trap
Night Trap was translated entirely into French, apart from the karaoke scene in the lounge.  The packaging was also changed to the later style.

English language version 4903


French language version 4903-09

Tomcat Alley
Tomcat Alley was released in four languages.

English language version 4429


French language version 4429-09


German language version 4429-18


Spanish language version 4429-06