BC Racers - Green Demo Disc


Free with issue 41 of Sega Pro CD - no cover date.


The cover scan of issue 41 of Sega Pro CD was kindly supplied by James Humphris
A one race demo featuring a desert track and only one available pairing of characters from the full game.  A yellow demo CD featuring an desert track was also released with an issue of Mega Power.  The Pitfall demo was given away with the same issue of Sega Pro.
A note about Sega Pro CD  issue numbers - originally Sega Pro CD was published separately from Sega Pro, staring in October 1994 with issue 1.  At the start of 1995 Paragon began using the issue number sequence from the original Sega Pro on both - hence the big jump.  Versions with and without the cover CD were available (with a price difference) and those who bought the wrong one could send away 3.95 to get the demo posted to them.