BC Racers


"BC Racers - it's pre-hysterical"

"Cool n' crazy Cliff Ace is gettin' in some quality time with his cave-babe Roxy as they speed n' smash their way on a dino-powered dirtbike through 32 howlin' heats in a madcap, 3D, cartoon race against a hardrock host of rocky racers!  2-player co-operative."

Game Information
Developer Core Design Limited
Publisher Core Design Limited
Copyright Date 1994
Players 1 - 2
Age Rating(s) ELSPA 3+
Save Type None
Cart Version No

Part Numbers
Game T-115075-50
Front Cover None specific
Back Cover None specific
Manual None specific
Spine Card None specific
CD 1 None specific
Bar Code 5 020717 600060


The spine card image for BC Racers was kindly supplied by Jens Gunther
Mario Kart style racing featuring characters from the Chuck Rock series.  Whilst it doesn't have that something that makes Mario Kart so special, this is a very solid and enjoyable game.  The sound effects are a little rough, but the graphics are sharp and fluid.  An excellent cartoon-style intro opens the game, and the four selectable difficulties include different tracks (8 each for 4 difficulties) rather than just increasing your opponent's abilities.  There are no pick-ups or speed boost pads, just standard attacks to the left and right, with a turbo granted after each lap completed.  Only a tournament mode is available - there are no time trial or challenge levels that would have added a little life to the game, and the 2-player mode is co-operative only - but this title is excellent whilst it lasts.  This game supports the 6-button pad, but is perfectly playable with a standard pad.
Two demos were released - a green CD featuring an ice track from issue 41 of Sega Pro CD and a yellow CD featuring a desert track.