Cobra Command


"Repression by the covert acts of a worldwide terrorist group have been routed by a powerful new helicopter, the LX-3FX.  However, the terrorists are fighting back with a variety of deadly weapons."

"Engage in violent combat in locations like New York, the Grand Canyon and Rome.  Your ultimate target is the terrorists' main base: the "Super Fortress".  For the sake of world peace, you must eliminate this evil once and for all."

Game Information
Developer Data East / Telnet Japan (Wolf Team)
Publisher Sega Enterprises
Copyright Date 1992
Players 1
Age Rating(s) None given
Save Type None
Cart Version No

Part Numbers
Game 4402
Front Cover 670-2765
Back Cover N/A
Manual 672-1066
Spine Card N/A
CD 1 670-2780
Bar Code None (only available with console)

Bundled with the Mega-CD 1 as a double pack with Sol-Feace (and the separate Sega Classics - Arcade Collection), this conversion of Data East's laser disc arcade game is probably the first title most early adopters played.  FMV plays in the central window over which your dual-purpose speed-controllable reticule is superimposed.  Aim and fire cannons or missiles at enemy craft and emplacements, or pull hard over to steer the helicopter.  Due to the nature of the game you can't shoot enemies until they are highlighted, which is frustrating when you've been firing at one for the last 5 seconds, stop and get destroyed by it.  Steering cues are giving audibly by your co-pilot, along with a nice big yellow arrow on your radar screen.  Select "hard" mode however, and you lose all these directions, with just your co-pilots shouts and intuition to guide you.  The levels are many and varied, and the use of animation rather than "real" FMV allows imaginative settings.  The music is, as with most CD titles, very good and the seek times short enough to let the action flow (i.e. see yourself crashing into that wall again).  There is a certain addictiveness until you've played it all the way through but once you have you'll probably never touch it again.  Due to it being bundled with the console this title is easy and cheap to find.