Sega Classics - Arcade Collection


Relive five of the greatest Sega Mega Drive Classics on one Mega-CD Disc

Game Information
Developer Sega Enterprises
Publisher Sega Enterprises
Copyright Date 1992
Players 1 - 2
Age Rating(s) None given
Save Type None
Cart Version Yes (individual titles & Mega Games series)

Part Numbers
Game 4127
Front Cover 670-2761
Back Cover 670-2762
Manual 672-1064, 672-1106
Spine Card N/A
CD 1 670-2760
Bar Code None (only available with console)

"Rare - Limited Edition !!" scream the eBay auctions - then no-one bids at a 49p start.  Well, you couldn't just go into a shop and buy this, but it was bundled with every Mega-CD 1 (alongside Sol-Feace and Cobra Command) and 2 (alongside Road Avenger) sold, making it the most common title by far.  The disc contains 5 games - Golden Axe, Streets of Rage, Columns, Super Monaco GP and Revenge of Shinobi - seemingly a marvel at the time, but only taking up a fraction of the available CD space.  Aside from the impressive 3D Sega logo when the CD loads there are no enhancements - in fact for reasons that were never explained, the 2-player mode is missing from Golden Axe.  If you have a Mega-CD and don't own one or more of the games included then it's a cheap and easy way to sample some of the better titles from early in the MD's life.  Due to the large manuals two were included - one with instructions in English, French and German (672-1064), and one with Spanish, Italian and Dutch (672-1106) - the cover art on these is identical.

An often asked question on emulation fora - can I burn lots of ROMs to a CD and play them like on this disc?  The short answer is no, the games were adapted to make use of the different memory available to the Mega-CD, they aren't straight copies of the cartridge data.