Pro CDX Cartridge V2


"Now you can play any import CD game on your Mega-CD"

"Play U.S. and Japanese CD games on any Mega-CD.  Simple plug-in cartridge - no modifications needed.  Also allows Mega-CD to work with import MegaDrive / Genesis.  Any CD game, any Mega-CD, any MegaDrive - any combinations allowed!!"



All these images of the Pro CDX V2 were kindly supplied by Damian Maidment
Game Information
Developer Datel
Publisher Datel
Copyright Date None given
Players N/A
Age Rating(s) N/A
Save Type N/A
Part Numbers
Game Unlicensed
Inlay N/A
Manual N/A
Cartridge N/A
Bar Code 5 744707 000097
Cart Style Datel
An updated version of the original Pro CDX cartridge designed to overcome some of the problems when used with the Mega-CD 2 and MultiMega.  Unfortunately it still wasn't completely successful, especially with FMV based games.

Of course one use for one of these was to play The Lawnmower Man.