Sega Mega-CD Discase


"Discase is a unique and practical method for indexing, storing and carrying Mega-CDs complete with literature.  Discase offers approximately 65% reduction in storage space, has the capacity to hold safely 6 Mega-CDs per Discase and builds into a collectible CD library."

"Discase contains 6 Disclaim inserts.  Disclaim is a unique Discase insert to protect and store Mega-CDs without any surface contact in the playing area.  Its design and dimensions allow Mega-CD manuals to be incorporates with ease.  When inserting a disc, lift one of the corner pull tabs.  Locate and secure by slightly pressing the disc onto the central protrusion.  To release and retrieve the disc, press the central protrusion and remove.  To store Mega-CD manuals, insert the literature between the location tabs inside the Disclaim front cover."


Original Box





Sega Discase




An official Sega case for carrying half a dozen discs along with manuals.  In truth the holders are very thin plastic, though they do seem to hold the discs and manuals well enough.  The box may brag about a 65% reduction in storage space, 25% less might be nearer the size of half a dozen standard boxes.  This case was probably handy of you regularly carried games around with you, of course why you would do such a thing is another matter...

For an item where you would expect low sales, these turn up on eBay reasonably often, generally along with their original box.