In late 2003 I started collecting games for the Mega-CD and despite hunting all over the net and the printed press, I couldn't find a definitive list of PAL releases anywhere.  So like everyone else with free web space and what seemed like a good idea at the time, I decided to set this site up to help collectors get a better idea of which games were released in PAL format and what to look for when digging around second hand stores and car boot sales.


- So University had put this website updates on hold, but now I'm beginning to add a few stuff people have contributed over time.
- Rorirub has pointed out a few typos with the serial numbers of certain games. Some will need to be verified with physical copies but some have been changed. (I'll upload a changelog when it's all done).
- Tiago Santana has given me some new info on the Portuguese releases.
- Sorry for the absence, I've been a bit busy so this is a bulk update of stuff contributed by people.
- New variation found, the Australian varient of Tomcat Alley, found by Tim Smith
- Some new info on the Slam City demo, provided by Ian Ward.
- Updated the Game List and Count to 160!
- Two new Mega CD Peripherals have been added: the CD Key and the CD+Plus.
- New Affiliate has been added to the Links page.
- New images have been added to the Portuguese section, contributed by Pedro Santos
- Max Link has contributed two more Blisterpack games.
- Yann Hermet has contributed a new demo to the fll list.
- Infomation in the Portuguese section has been updated slightly.
- More Magazine Info from Matthew Neilson!
- New Blisterpack Image, thanks to Max Link.
- Matthew Neilson has provided me with alot of infomation including:
- Magazine Front Covers of Issues 14 and 17
- Loads of infomation explaining certain demos like Battlecorps & Soulstar demo, Flashback demo and confirming the mysterious World Cup '94 demo.
- New Blisterpack games added thanks to and Max Link
- New Confirmed Varient added: Australian Prize Fighter, thank you to Rob Shepherd for increasing the game list by one!
- More info added about the Games Without Frontiers video in the Odds and Ends Page!
- More Games added to the Blisterpack page thanks to eBay member!
- New Affiliate, Sega CD Universe, added to the Links page.
- The PAL version of the Sega Mega CD Back Up RAM Cart added to the Odds and Ends Page, thanks to Kailey Strowger and Tim Smith.
- Tiny bit of info added about the Beast II demo.


A full PAL release list in plain text is available to view here and can be downloaded here.

Click here to see all the past news in the News Archives.


All the images here are from the site owners' personal collections or credited to contributors.

This site does not and will never contain BIOSes, ROMs or ISO images of any games




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