Psygnosis Christmas Sampler - Mega Power Demo #2


Free with issue 6 of Mega Power - cover dated January 1994


This copy of the Psygnosis Christmas Sampler was kindly donated to the library by Damian Maidment

The cover scan of issue 6 of Mega Power was kindly supplied by Anthony Barker

A demo CD from Psygnosis featuring playable demos of Puggsy and Wiz 'n' Liz (the only CD demo of a cart-only game), rolling footage of Microcosm and a music video of Broken English performed by Sunscreem, running on the video player used for the cut-scenes in Puggsy.

There was no cut out cover for this demo disc.


A note about Mega Power demo numbers - Mega Power provided cut out covers for the demo CDs (you had to supply your own case as they came in plastic wallets) for the majority of their demos.  Whilst these demos reached number 12, the numbers don't quite correspond to the order they came in.  Discs 1 to 6 run in sequence up to August 1994, then September's issue included the Battlecorps & SoulStar double disc, which doesn't have a number.  The numbers then continued in October with the cover for that demo showing #7.  To add further to the confusion, November's demo cover had both #8 and #9 on it, and December continued at #10!

In short, the covers run up to #12, and there are 12 discs, but the chronological order doesn't match the numbers.